A Christmas Table


Hahahahahhaha I’m 21 and already have those grandma moments so don’t worry about it 😉 also, Noosa is one of my absolute favourite places in the whole world, you lucky girl! Happy holidays xx


This makes me feel a whole lot better, that I’m not some outcast who hates NYE 🙂 Noosa is gorgeous, I’m very lucky we can always stay there (and for free!!!!). Hope you have a wonderful Christmas x

It is SO difficult to balance families! I’ll have to do that next year for my next married Christmas and I could use any advice?! Also – a huge yes to a low-key NYE. It’s the best way to ring in the new year! These photos are absolutely gorgeous xx


We just make it clear now that each year we swap…. my family has Christmas Day one year, then my husbands has Christmas Day the next… everyone then gets to know which year is theirs so there isn’t any awkward conversations every. single. year!!!!!! Yay for getting married though!!! Hope you had a wonderful Christmas x

Oh my your table is stunning! And trust me, I know all about grandma moments… x

Jessica — NinetyCo

Thank you Jessica!!! Hope you out-grandma’d New Years Eve and had a fabulous time xx

Happy 2017 !

I love your table setting! The colors are so beautiful and vibrant! It’s simple yet stunning. Nicely done!


How kind of you Natalie… thank you! Wishing you a wonderful 2017… hope it’s wonderful x

Late to the party but loving this table layout 😀

Mel ★ http://www.meleaglestone.co.uk

No such thing Mel! Hope you had a fab Christmas & New Year xx

loving this table decoration. Enjoy christmas.