A Few Firsts

First thing’s first, we need to publicly thank my dearest friend Kara for handing down this palm tree baseball cap to Jack, because there is not a day when we are outside where it isn’t on his larger-than-average sized head. Who would have thought the market for caps for larger than average sized baby heads would be an issue, and yet here we are guys. Here we are.

Secondly, I’d like to personally thank Zara for the polka dot scarf which is doing it’s best at hiding my post pregnancy hair loss. My bald spots and I are ever so grateful. Which is actually not a joke as I sit googling plumbers because my ensuite bathroom drain is currently blocked. I know it’s because my hair has unashamedly been swimming down the shower drain with no regards whatsoever. Tim knows it’s because of my hair. But we’ll all just look appropriately dumb founded when we ask the plumber what the problem could be. Stay tuned.

Isn’t this pool nice?! It’s the hotel pool where we recently holidayed in Hamilton Island and it’s highly possible that I have a browser tab currently opened (right beside Local Plumber Finder) to investigate a return visit sometime soon. This was our first official holiday with Jack and as you can probably tell by the overly enthusiastic smiles on our faces, we were all a little bit excited. Just a short plane ride from home, we were in the gorgeous Whitsundays for a week to work on Jack’s tan. Thankfully the hotel we booked with provide an entire “Baby’s First Holiday” style deal where they provide absolutely everything you could need for a child, reducing our luggage or need to overpack as inexperienced first time parents. It worked out perfectly! Speaking of firsts, this was Jack’s first pool swim. He has been a long term fan of the shower (we don’t have a bath at home and instead have a shower chair which is basically a reclining high chair for the shower, seriously this kid has no idea how lucky he is) so we were super keen to see how he’d go in a pool. Admit it…..you can practically hear the high pitched encouragement from us in these photos as we egged him on as we swirled and dunked and dipped and kicked. How many photos of your baby in the water is too many photos of your baby in the water? With those chubby baby wrists, I vote not enough!


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