A Little Paris Secret

(this was a year ago. because timely blog updates are my speciality).

If I tell you a secret will you promise to keep it to yourself?

Pinky swear?

Paris isn’t my favourite place in the world. I know.


I think since I decided to take myself on a little sabbatical a few years ago and try out life in a studio apartment for one in the city of lights, that everyone has this misconception that Paris is my go-to place in the world and love of my life. Let’s be real, bread is the first and true love of my life, so I can see why it may be confusing for some. ┬áBut the city itself it’s not the reeeeaaaallll love of my life like so many think. You wouldn’t believe the amount of Paris paraphernalia I get gifted since my time in France. It’s sweet and I do genuinely love the things that people get me because they are tasteful and well thought out presents… but I wouldn’t go so far in saying that I need a generic Ikea print of the Eiffel Tower in my bedroom or to have the slogan “Paris is ALWAYS a good idea” printed on a tote bag to carry with me day to day.

Do I really like it there? So much! It’s a creative person’s dream to live somewhere where they culture is to make everything as beautiful as it can be. I also just really like the ability to wear blankets as scarves whenever the occasion arises.

Would I visit again? Absolutely. After several visits over so many years I would happily fly there tomorrow and be genuinely happy to be there. I’m a big believer in visiting places a few times, as I think you see things completely differently every time and take something new away each visit that you were probably too distracted to notice whilst focusing on the main tourist attractions the first visit (plus you get to know the places to get the shots of the icons without the tourists as I’m happy to demonstrate for you above)

Could I live there? If I knew the language better and we had the chance as a little family, then yes. I love so much about the french way of living and especially the way they bring up children that it would be incredible to live there for a year or two and soak it all in before the school years start for the tiny human. Paris is tough, don’t get me wrong… I think the longer you stay there the more you realise that it’s not all croissants and strolls in the parks. But they live slow (sometimes annoyingly slow) and there’s a lot I really like about taking your time with everyday routines instead of hurrying the days along. Just a little something I’m into at the moment ya know.

So what the hell is my problem. No problem, I just wanted to clear that up.

And if you’ve already bought me the tote bag for Christmas please don’t stress. I’m sure it’s amazing and I will happily carrying it around, so thank you x


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