Bali Flower Baths, Jimbaran


What an incredible bath and well deserved! Sometimes it is more than having a language barrier, I guess it really is about both parties wanting to communicate 🙂

nat // dignifiable

It was so gorgeous and massive…. I almost drowned in it haha. You’re so right, if they aren’t willing to try and understand you get no where (been there a million times before). Have a great week Nat x

Omg this looks heavenly! Sorry to hear about your accident but at least you ended things off on a positive note – roll with the punches, Xx

Nikki |

Exactly…. what can you do but laze around a villa and feel sorry for yourself with petals all around (doesn’t sound to bad does it?! lol)


Girl, I love a good bath, but this takes it to a whole new level. I’m so happy the confused hot-minute led to a flower shop with bags of petals ready to go. Sounds like a dream.


I don’t have one in my tiny home so this was a SUPER BIG TREAT… flowers and all!!! Have a wonderful weekend Dylan x

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Christa Sagmoe

Looks so luxurious and the aroma must have been heavenly! ~ Christa

Was certainly a nice little treat after falling off a scooter haha.


We have a gorgeous stone bath in our apartment in Ubud and was hoping to do the same but not sure where to get some lovely petals, or what even to ask for when looking haha. where was the flower shop that you visited ?
your bath looks incredible!!! – Jen


Hi Jen… UUUGGH I’m so jealous of you, do you have room for 1 more person? Pllleeeaasssee?? Just kidding, I’ll leave you to enjoy your Ubud holiday by yourself. Honestly I just got lucky with the driver, I did have to explain a few times what I wanted and got exactly that without showing him a picture (maybe have a picture saved on your phone as an example?). When I got in the store he spoke to the lady owner in Indonesian and she took me to the back of the room and opened her fridge filled with bags of petals. I then asked for more “Red petals” so she walked up to these rose bunches and just ripped the petals from the stems and threw them in the bag! This was in Canggu though and we were driving for what felt like an hour…. but they delivered so I can’t complain. My tip – go to the Ubud markets at 6am if you are there on a Sunday. They have buckets of firesh petals that they use for the offerings for the gods so if you are there then, you can pick some gorgeous colours that are shown in my market post on the blog. Enjoy your time!!!! xx