Before You’re Due

Some pretty marvellous things have happened in the past two weeks, so much so that I just simply must share them all with you.

Firstly, and probably one of the most significant was delivered (all the pregnancy puns please) by my obstetrician who advised I have excelled at managing my gestational diabetes and am no longer required to stab myself four times a day as we are so close to our induction date and everything is under control. So firstly yes, I am being induced early because of the gestational diabetes BUT like any good control-freak-type-A-personality… I overachieved with my sugar readings since being diagnosed and the babe is not too big and we’re all ready to rock and roll with delivery just a little earlier than the due date just to make sure there are no complications. Plus “it” is measuring slightly ahead, as in, it has a large head and a very round tummy circumstance but I’ll take a big headed and large bellied babe any day of the week. So take that gestational diabetes and your diet ruining control over my life for the last few months. You aint the boss of me anymore.

Secondly… and actually the more I think about it the more I think this may actually be the more marvellous of things to happen, occurred in the supermarket today. As I ride out my last few days of being a run of the mill regular 30 year old, I finally had my Pregnancy Vision moment. Do you have those? If not then just play along… they are those visions of what you thought you were going to be like when you finally decided to get pregnant and how you envisioned you were going to look/act/feel/waddle/behave in public. I’ve always had a clear pregnancy vision of myself. I was going to be amazing (naturally) and eat all the food. Literally, all the food I wanted was going to be consumed and I was just going to embrace being a star baby baker and roll with all the cravings that came my way without the guilt and somewhat in built regret I would normally feel about my diet in my regular pre-pregnancy life (surely you move past loathing yourself in your 30’s???). It would be my time to be the sloth I truely think I am and I’ve been looking forward to it for years. But pregnant me was never like that. Without suffering any sickness or horrible pregnancy side effects this entire time, I’ve managed to drop a large amount of weight (even whilst growing a small dinosaur) and to be honest I don’t think I’ve ever been in better shape. Sloth Me wanted to shine in my pregnancy vision, and instead I found myself doing reformer pilates 3 times a week and taking up swimming. I have the mesh swim bag, goggles, kick board and everything to show for it as well. All the gear and CERTAINLY no idea. But back to my vision. As my last few days of pregnancy approach I’ve been reflecting on how I thought this time would be compared to what my experience has actually been. And they couldn’t have been more different. But the real magic happened in the supermarket as I shopped for last minute supplies for my hospital bag.

I think I read somewhere that you should pack some lollies (or candy for those playing in other countries) to suck on during labour. I can’t remember where I saw this advice and truth be told, I probably just made it up. But it sounds like good honest advice so I’m going to run with it whether it’s make believe or not. So whilst riding my high of no longer being a slave to my diabetes monitor, I made a quick pitstop at Dunkin Donuts and rediscovered the magic that are fresh hot cinnamon donuts, to take with me while I perused the confectionary isle in the supermarket. My fingers were covered in that beautiful blend of sugar and cinnamon as I was munching on piping hot little circles of deep fried love dough, when my pregnancy vision came to life. This was me. This was exactly how I pictured my pregnant self and I couldn’t be prouder to have this moment. Navigating my shopping trolley that was filled with a selection of pure sugar treats and a carton of Diet Pepsi because you know.. hashtag balance… I achieved my sloth dream and was the junk food eating large pregnant woman I always knew I had within me. The mix of donut and sugar crumbs that had landed on my chest as I stuffed my face reassured me of my success in being an over indulged preggo in public with no regards for my appearance or the opinions of others. The gods were certainly on my side to allow me this triumph with only two days to go of what will have been a very smooth and non eventful first pregnancy.

So my soul is happy.

And just because we really love to keep things interesting in this house, Tim went ahead and broke his right wrist in three different spots playing football over the weekend and required immediate reconstructive surgery to have it pinned back together. I COULD have been posting right now to introduce our little babe to you all, but we had to push back the induction date to make sure Tim had at least 7 days to recover from his surgery before we tag team and I  get admitted. He’s currently running a plaster cast which when you think about it, makes life difficult when you can’t get it wet and therefore can’t help with the little dinosaur. But we pulled all the “poor us we’re having a baby” cards with the hospital and he will be swapping to a fibreglass cast the morning that I get induced. The plan is for Tim to go in first, have a little cast upgrade and check up, we come home, high five each other for our impeccable timing and grab a burrito or two (sloth me had this idea), and then head back in later that day so I can birth a little human and we can all get started on complaining about just how tired we are.

I know I haven’t shared much of the progress on here of late. It’s been something just for us and I’ve felt somewhat protective of oversharing too much during the past 10 months. But as my maternity leave rolls on I realise that it was more about taking the time to put it down and get the words out. Life was so busy all the time before, and whilst it certainly isn’t going to slow down with a one handed husband and a little human to keep alive, it’s been nice to sit back down and get the words on the page once again. To not have the distractions of a day job, and business at home, and keeping up with blog commitments and campaign dates.

So stick around, there are a million things to share from our trip and I feel more than ever that there is so much to say as life is about to get just that little bit more insane.

I’m off to make sure my snacks are packed in my hospital bag for now, but if you see me in the Dunkin Donuts queue in the next few weeks make sure you stop to say hi. I’ll be the one with crumbs spilled down my shirt looking like a hot mess whilst holding a small dinosaur.

Wish us luck x




  1. May 26, 2018 / 11:34 am

    Good luck!!! See you on the other side 😉

    • June 6, 2018 / 11:36 am

      Thanks Jane… he’s (yep it’s a he) is here! Just stepping away from the computer for a quick minute to soak it all in. Thanks for the well wishes xx

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