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Happy Christmas! Happy New Year! Happy Australia Day and everything else I’ve missed over the past few months during a small stint away from the screen. How did it all go for you? I hope you celebrated with too much food and long afternoon naps.

I can’t quite believe we’ve already reached Australia Day and we’re sitting here now on the first long weekend of the new year. Since coming back from our trip throughout Europe (watch this space) time is speeding by and I can’t even hide the fact that it still feels like the month before Christmas and I’m wondering when I’m going to pull out the Christmas tree and get the festive season started.

So what’s been happening whilst I’ve been gone? There’s so much to catch you up on, so many stories to tell and so many images that are blocking up my memory space on my laptop that I don’t even know where I’m going to begin. The fact I’ve even sat down at the screen is at least a starting point so I’m going to pat myself on the back and celebrate with a bowl a vanilla ice cream and sprinkles as soon as I’m done typing, because way to excel at maintaining your blog Megs. Way to go.

Australia Day always makes me feel a little bit warm and fuzzy inside. To think about all that we have here, the sun and the sand and the fact that I can eat ice cream in the warm weather all year long just does good things to my heart you know. It makes me happy to have this enormous island as my home and as I’ve hit the big 3 0 last year I get that little bit closer to maybe coming to terms with the fact that this is exactly where I both need, and want to be (unless someone is offering subsidised rent and an income in London, and in that case, maybe I really do need a few more years to really think through my decision to stay here full time more thoroughly. You can reach me on my contact page with all offers 😉 ). 

To carry on the long weekend celebrations I’ve booked a few days of extra leave and we’re turning this 3 day weekend into a 5 day party and heading to the beach. Because nothing says Australia Day weekend more than layers of 50+ sunscreen and sand finding its way into every crevice of your body.

Whether you are lucky enough to be home this weekend, or are celebrating in lands far far away, I wish every Australian a brilliant Australia Day and hope you celebrate with every cliche in the book. Because we do those pretty well here. Really well in fact x.



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