Feeling Blue: Bondi Icebergs

The Sunday Mode

My pale skin is really missing the summer as well. I went to Sydney not too long ago but didn’t make it down to Bondi to see the famous icebergs. They’re next on my list though!


Put it on the summer must do list and make a whole day of it! I’ve been to Bondi so much but have never spent a day on the beach/swimming. Always just hanging around, eating haha.

This place is beautiful and I love your pictures! I’m glad that the weather was nice enough for you to enjoy Bondi this time around!


Thanks so much Helen. It is such a stunning spot, much better one my second visit haha. Can’t wait to go back already 🙂

These are such gorgeous pictures! Even though I’m from Sydney, it’s always fun to see the places I know and love from a visitor’s perspective 🙂

Isn’t it! I love when people visit and point things out to me that have been there all along and I never noticed. We just get used to what is around us I suppose. Lucky you…. you can visit the pools any time then 🙂

Those pictures are absolutely amazing! This place is splendid x

Jessica — Woods Lifestyle

You are too kind Jessica! It’s a pretty wonderful spot Sydney has x

This place is so beautiful!!! You could have call this post 50 shades of blue! Your pictures are just amazing, thanks so much for sharing.
Aurelie | http://www.surface85.com

Hahaha I definitely should have! Thanks so much Aurelie x

This is amazing!! What a gorgeous place to swim and relax. Beautiful pics!


Sun surf and sea… the perfect little combination 🙂

Just got me dreaming about a beach. This swimming pool hanging over the ocean look quite amazing!

Lu | http://www.balgarka.co.uk

I am the same, I’m sitting here with frozen fingers just waiting for warmer weather to return! Oh it’s great isn’t it, with the beach water splashing into it x

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