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I used to have that opinion too but it all changed when I discovered how much more enjoyable my commute became rather than listening to music hours on end. I am currently listening to the Harry Potter series. I have been meaning to reread them for a while, however it was always quite low on my list. Thought it would be easier to listen on audiobook! I am quite particular with my audiobook selection (compared to my physical / e book choices) and only tend to listen to a) mystery or b) very very long books that I can’t see myself investing so much time with at home (i.e. Stephen King’s 11/22/63

I am too… I have to test out the “Sneak Peak” version first to see if I like the voice. I’ve avoided a few so far because I couldn’t stand the narrator haha. Harry Potter series is a fabulous idea…. and long enough to not run out in a few days!

I still haven’t gotten into audiobooks, I just never remember they exist! I’ve only ever listened to one, which I downloaded for a flight as reading on planes makes me dizzy. Will have to try a few more!

So after Natalie’s suggestion below about Harry Potter narrated by Stephen King…. I am in. love. So so good… perfect voice for reading a Harry Potter novel. Hopefully you’ll convert soon as well 🙂



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