Brunch at the Balmoral Boathouse


Oh this place is amazing Megs! I went with friends as part of my birthday weekend in Sydney. The only thing that detracted from the fabulous location & beautiful food was the crowds of people & having to stalk tables until one became available. Then having at least 4 groups of people stalk your table while you eat – because nothing says "relaxing brunch" like having random groups of people watching you eat your meal!!!

It's too lovely… See I luckily enough went on a Friday morning to avoid the weekend brunchers and lunchers. My only issue was tackling the all the mums and prams…. they mean business and aren't in any rush once they have a minute to sit and drink coffee in peace. Come on, who doesn't love a great breakfast stand off with other patrons!!!!

Great photos. I have been meaning to get over there so must do it. Jx

Oh wow! This looks incredible <3 And your photos are so gorgeous. The colours are just stunning. xx

Oh Jess you definitely should, especially in great weather. If you can run out mid week and head there it helps to beat the flocks the people pushing to get in! But lovely all the same.

The decor they have there is so fab! Makes photos easy ๐Ÿ™‚ Have a great weekend Valerie!