Every Second Day


Most people dream of an adventure like this, but never have the balls to follow through. Then regret it years later. I'm sure I'm not the only one sitting at home jealously trawling through your ig feed (I'm really impressed how you manage to miss all the tourists in your photos by the way), missing you and excited to hear all about it when you get home. It'll be over soon enough, and you'll be back to the same boring Monday to Friday grind. Embrace the tough times along with the great! Love your number 1 fan x

Gorgeous photos! you're so lucky to be living in such a beautiful city!



I can so relate to this! I found it hard at times to relate to those back home as well since they just saw my pretty pictures and assumed I was living this lovely dream of life abroad. Keep exploring on your own, you will always look back on this and smile!

Thanks Twee however it's only temporary. Only two months left 🙂

I can say I do honestly laugh now about some terrible times when I lived in London. Even times when I was physically crying in a tube station seem funny now. It's taken three years haha.

You know I actually saw 'Microwave Meals For One' in a second hand book store a while back and thought to myself how that book was the saddest book in the world too!

Lauren / And Together We

So it exists in hard copy?? Oh that makes it even worse. hahahaha

I apologise for the binge comments on your posts but I totally sympathise with you! On my year abroad I tried to avoid doing certain things because of the amount of exhausting effort it took. My MacBook broke and trying to get that fixed in French was just sheer trauma. At the end of the day whilst it's exhausting it's the best way to make life experiences and you'll be so proud of yourself for having done your best!

Incredible you mention your macbook… my charger all of a sudden stopped working a few weeks back. I just gave in and thought the best solution was to take a trip to London (again) and buy a brand new computer there altogether. I literally went crazy thinking of how to get around it. At least you gave it a shot!