That place looks amazing, love the pictures! I at times wish away the week and hope for a quiet weekend but then the weekend comes and I want to be out in the sunshine! I like the sound of your fancy weekend approach. x

Fancy is my boyfriend's favourite song so I literally cannot read that word without thinking of Iggy LOL
I sat at the closest table in the last photo! The one time I was in Sydney, my Dad's cousin and his wife go there a lot I believe!

Candy Yum Yum is my sister's favour lipstick! haha
I got her into MAC and that one is the one she always wears to parties 😛

Firstly, I'm glad I got that song stuck in your head. Secondly, it is the BEST colour ever, it's like a party on your lips.

It's really beautiful and hard not to love! Busy of course, but beautiful!!! Oh give yourself a fancy weekend too and see how you go. Bet you love it 🙂



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