Franco’s, Positano

I thought I was well over my days of waiting in lines to get into bars, but alas, it appears I am not. You may think I’m crazy as you can see from the above, it wasn’t as if the place was packed. But the magic is in being first inside to get the much coveted front row seats up next to the glass barrier, to watch what I can boldly proclaim to be the best sunset spot in the world (gasp).

As if Positano isn’t beautiful enough, you then throw in a golden wash of sun that is holding onto dear life as it slips behind the hillside and add a couple of frozen cocktails and life really is bliss. I was actually so sick during this stage of our trip and nothing could help but a bucket load of eucalyptus throat lollies and a packet of Italian “Paracetamolo” to try and ease the aches and pains of suffering from a bad cold in the first 5 weeks of pregnancy whilst overseas. To this day I still call paracetamol Paracetamolo because most things definitely sound better in Italian and that is one of the most perfect examples I am yet to find.

I felt so incredibly calm that afternoon on that rooftop. Despite discovering the pregnancy only a week before, being sick and sore, and having to pass up on my beloved prosecco for a virgin cocktail instead, there was nothing in the world to complain about while watching that afternoon turn into night. I don’t know why this particular day sticks in my head so much. Well maybe I do. It was so disgustingly beautiful and calm and we got front row seats just as planned.




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