Lavandula Swiss Italian Farm, Daylesford


Wow, looks so beautiful! Need to go and visit that place soon x

Nev | Miss Nev

You could waste a whole afternoon here!!! If you can stand the bees that is haha x

So pretty!! Also did you see the alpacas /llamas and the lone emu?

Nat // Dignifiable

We did we did!!!! Seriously the size of that Emu scared the life out of me (it was huge!!!!) x

Lavender fields are so beautiful! I wonder if they’d make my hayfever play up? I’d be afraid of the bees though, haha.

Jane / deluminators

I am so glad that I never suffer from hayfever.. it seems like the most inconvenient and annoying thing ever (maybe more than bees!)

Your photos are always so beautiful, how do you do it?! Also omg I agree with you on the bee front – my aunt used to have so much lavender in her garden which smelled amazing but I could always hear bees buzzing around and it used to freak me out as a child 🙁

Years of practice, and I still suck!!!! They freaked me out, when you can hear them right near your ears is the worst! There was no escaping them x

The Sunday Mode

This is so beautiful! I’ve only been to one lavender farm before but that was before I got into blogging and it sounds petty but looking back I’m thinking, what a waste of perfectly good blog content/photos! haha

Julia // The Sunday Mode

Hahahahaha ahhhh that old chestnut! Modern day problems hey hehe xx