A Little Italian Birthday


And on this morning as we wake up in Rome, we’re celebrating your birthday. Another year gone, and another year of adventures under our belt. And just like the Romans we’re working our way towards building an empire with everyday that passes. It may not be the biggest, or the best, but it’s ours and that’s what counts.

Thank you for always saying “Ok”.

  • Can we go back through Europe again?
  • Can you take this picture for me
  • Can you carry my suitcase up the stairs
  • Can you let me have more bites than what is considered “sharing” when your meal beats mine
  • Can you hold my camera lenses while I fumble in my bag for the millionth time

On this trip I’ve asked everyday if I can take your picture, just for “our records”. You seem to think this is funny but I really just want to make sure it’s captured. Exactly where you were, at this time, during this year, on your birthday.

Because baby, this year is going to be the best yet…. and after all these pass you’re going to be glad we took those snaps along the way to remember it all by.


Happy Birthday to my eternal Instagram Husband, the guy behind every post and picture and the words that I sometimes struggle to find. It hasn’t always been Italian holidays and peroni, but I think you’re doing pretty great at life. 




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