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noooooooo to the secret surprise ruiner!!! what a bummer! Years ago my then-boyfriend now-husband went to auzzie for Christmas to stay with family… On boxing day I bought a very expensive spur of the moment ticket and was at the airport 3 hours later excited to surprise him. I checked in with the (now) sister in law to make sure it was cool that I could stay. When I got off the plane he was waiting for me at the airport. SHE TOLD HIM! I was so gutted because an expensive ticket to auz from nz is worth it for a cool surprise. Otherwise, it's just an overpriced ticket. Sorry – totally made that all about me. Clearly I mustn't have got over it ha ha.

OK you totally win, that ruined surprise was way worse than mine! I think I would have cried if I were you hahaha. I'm sure a last minute ticket at Christmas was super cheap too (not). Just take it one day at a time… hahaha.



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