A couple of days ago I didn’t do much for whole day so thought I should at least put on some walking shoes and do a giant lap around the Seine for some exercise. I came home pleased with myself and then decided a few squats and lunges were a good idea, while quietly giving myself brownie points for being amazing. Never again. In rolls Monday a few days later were I thought that heading up to the hilliest part of Paris where stairs are encountered every 20 metres was a good idea. Stairs were steep, cobblestone streets were slippery, and the inclines were unavoidable. It was on this Monday that I decided that exercise can’t come in between me and my plans as I only have 5 weeks left in France!

I’m more than half way through my time in Paris and soon I’ll have to pack up my tiny apartment and take the looooong haul flight back home to Australia. Probably best to leave the exercise until I’m home just to be safe.


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