My Blog Is Scary


Megan, there is so much of this that resonates with me. I’ve been blogging 4 years, not with any enormous intent, but enjoying it when there was time to fit it in and it brought me joy. I’ve answered questions awkwardly like a semi-out-of-body experience, seeing how amateur it looked! But I too am glad and relieved to have stayed pretty true to myself along the way. With it comes trust right? For better or worse.
There is absolutely space on the internet to be real in amongst all the… less-real. Look forward to another 1,600 words from you on whatever you feel is worth writing about x


Isn’t that the thing though… just doing it when it brings you joy and for no other reason! How easy it is to forget that simple thought. I have no problem with this space growing, I just feel that each day that passes, all site and stories from people all sound the same. We all start to say the same thing over and over.. 🙁 As much a reminder to myself more than anything xx

Haha that story was great! I’m with you, I miss the old days of blogging, when things weren’t so serious. Here’s to another year!


RIIIGGGHHHTT!!! Where did all the personality go over the years? Plus let’s be honest, I’m not really one to be dishing out advice on how to get your life in order. I’ll leave that to the other million blogs who can do a much better job of that stuff than I x

I really, really love this story -and I think this is why I also adore your blog! I’ve been blogging over 9 years now, and I think aside from food blogs I go to for recipes, the only lifestyle blogs I read have something to them which is a little less than polished, that is a little personal, because, otherwise, won’t everyone just be the same?


You are too sweet Rachel! I mean you’re a published author and all so to have your attention for a quick minute here and there is an absolute privilege. It’s been so nice having you around all these years too ! xx



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