Notre Dame, Paris

Len Dela Peña Parent

So beautiful! Lovely photos!!! Great post!
Thanks for sharing!
Much love, Len

It’s a lovely little place isn’t it. Have a great day Len x

The Sunday Mode

Well in that case I hope there’s never a post from you again because you’ve become a millionaire and you’re too busy jet setting across the globe 😉

I’ve never bought a lotto ticket either because the whole process intimidates me too! Maybe one day…

hahaha thanks for the moral support… I hope so too! So glad I’m not alone with Lotto Intimidation!!!

Sorry to hear it’s been a rough week. Hang in there! I’ve got my fingers crossed for your lottery ticket!

Yessss thanks Jane…. I’ll take all the luck I can get. Promise I’ll share 😉

Ha love it, just a short and interesting read. Sorry to hear about your bad news though – I hope it will all be ok ❤️

Mel ★

I hope so too. Life hey…. it likes to mess with ya sometimes.

Have a fabulous weekend Mel x

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