On Achieving Nothing

Hi my name is Megan and I am a routine Mum. At any point through the day I can tell you exactly what I will be doing. and where my little co pilot will be in his daily routine. It may not be to everyone’s taste but hot damn it keeps this household happy. We all know exactly what is coming, what to expect, and what will follow after so there is no guess work into what could possibly be wrong when the tired tears come or I hear the familiar hungry cry start from behind the nursery door.

For weeks we literally did the same thing, day in day out. We woke, fed, then pulled out the crochet toys and had ourselves a good play on the floor. And for each of those days I would sit along my co pilot and watch him silently play with the monkey and whale (because we all have favourites). After a while I felt the routine was getting a bit tired, nothing was new and here we were again finding ourselves on the floor playing until our morning sleep with the same rattle toys that we did for the day before and day before that.  I let myself get a bit down about doing the same thing everyday and not really achieving much else besides being my sons uninvited Plus One for his play date with his toys. Sometimes I feel I should be doing more… getting more done or at least having something to say when Tim walks in the door after a long day at work where I can exclaim “Hey guess what I did today!!”. Maybe it’s because I share most of the significant parts of my day as they happen (thank you snapchat) or the fact that what we actually achiev may not look that great down on paper. But there are small wins that you probably wouldn’t notice from the above photos. The smile that is now a constant expression besides the 15 minutes before each nap time. The turn of the head to the right hand side when you had a baby who would only look left for the first 8 weeks of his life. The tiny ball of fist raised towards the whale because unlike the pineapple, the whale really is the favourite of the bunch and we constantly go back to touching the whale. Every single time. But then I stopped my pity party and realised that this is it. This is the time that goes by, that everyone tells you to cherish and to soak up while it lasts, that goes by too quick and you’ll soon be longing for these days of doing nothing much. The days when he is happiest with his toys and his Mumma sitting close by, watching him throw punches at the pineapple because we aren’t really the biggest pineapple fans anyway.

Breaking news – My twin sister just had her first baby, 15 weeks a part from Jack and let me tell you that little baby is a real life doll. We all adore her. And we’re so lucky to have this time off together, to sit and watch the babes do what they do and waste away our days together as a tribe. It was when I was baby hogging the newborn on the couch the other day that I had this huge epiphany about how quick the time had gone and how much my little newborn was now a small human compared to the freshness of my teenie niece. We were out of the “guessing” phase as by four months, I now know all of Jacks looks and temperaments throughout the day. As I sat adoringly holding my tiny niece while my sister sat laughing and playing with my not-so-infant, we had to stop each other wishing away the time… me longing for those newborn days again, and her for wanting her newborn to grow already so they could start playing together as she was right now with Jack. Despite the days being kind of all the same, and the routine only changing in increments of 15 minutes here and there, these days of achieving nothing significant really are the most significant of all!




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