Oui Oui, Paris


Paris i always a good idea..and a magic city!!!
I love your pics!

It’s a tough little city at times but I do love it. Can’t wait to go back x

The Sunday Mode

Ah these photos are even taking me back, it’s been a few years since I’ve been to Paris but nothing beats one of those proper Parisian croissants and fresh baguettes!


What I wouldn’t do for a fresh warm baguette. I ate one every single day I lived there. I also put on a million kilos. But seriously…… warm baguettes.

The Sunday Mode

I’m with you there. The extra kilos are worth it for the baked goods.

These photos are so gorgeous! I’ve always wanted to travel to Paris, and these make me want to make that happen even sooner! Thanks so much for sharing a glimpse into your life!


Thanks so much Jess! Oh you haven’t been, you must go! There is honestly so much more to see than just the regular tourist stops (even though they are all still very beautiful).

These pictures are all too pretty. Living in Paris would be magical (apart from all the language-related incidents I’d be sure to have cause I don’t speak French haha).

Trust me I have my fair share of language barriers to overcome…I had to take a short trip to London just so I could regroup, speak english, get some medication at Boots where I knew I would end up with the right thing and then headed back to try again.

These photos are beautiful! I love walking around Notre Dame and the Seine, one of my favourite areas of the city. And of course, baguettes <3 One day I'll have to make my own and share the recipe on my blog haha, because this is the best type of bread ever, I couldn't possibly live without it!

Julia x
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Oh please do because if you can give me a recipe for that I would die of excitement. There would be massive problems in my house if I could successfully make my own baguettes (all other food groups would then be irrelevant!)


Omg these photos makes me want to visit Paris so badly! Everything looks so cute and charming!


It’s too charming and too lovely on the eyes…. !!!

Such dreamy photos of Paris 🙂 Love!


Polar opposite to your Santorini scenery recently but gorgeous all the same hey 🙂

One of my life goals is to spend mornings in Paris, eat croissant and stare at the lovely architectures!!


You absolutely must! Eat as many pastries as you can and then spend the rest of your day walking it off. That’s how I justified things to myself anyway.

Len Dela Peña Parent

Great post! Thanks for sharing!
Much love, Len

You should be! You’re about to have an amazing adventure. It was tough though, don’t let the pretty sites fool you. It can be a hard city when you actually live there 🙂