Parcels From Paris


Um, yes! Receiving things in the mail after forgetting you've ordered them is the best kind of feeling. It's like a present to your own self! 🙂

I am sure you wouldn't have been adducted in Paris, but you can never be too careful, I guess!

Naturally Jes

LOL sounds like something that would happen to me! I have never watched Taken, I think my paranoia levels are quite high as they are.

haha couldn't stop laughing! Well, in the end you got your package so I guess it all worked out all right 🙂 xx

Now that was funny. To be honest, I would probably be feeling the same way you did. I probably would have went downstairs anyway(just because), but I can understand where you are coming from.

It absolutely is…. sometimes not paying for express delivery is a blessing in disguise. The longer it takes the better the surprise when it does arrive!!!

Ease yourself into it by watching the Family Guy version first then….!!

No complaints here Rita… I have my Vegemite and my life. Everything is good in the world 🙂

Brave, brave man. I wish I wasn't such a paranoid freak but better safe than sorry.

Oh gosh I had experiences like this when I lived in Paris too! I lived with the family I worked for (I was an au pair) and they missed out on so many packages because I would ignore the intercom or misunderstand what was going on.
Also, I can totally relate to Taken flashbacks during my initial weeks there!

Hahahahahaha I am so thrilled it happened to others as well. I get scared by my door ringing at home, let alone when I can't understand what someone is saying at my door! Wish I was an au pair during my time there. Did you love it?

hahah this is such a darling story! I'm glad your vegemite finally made it's way to you 🙂
I don't blame you for not opening the door though, how scary would that be!

Vegemite is so expensive…. I'm quietly very happy it got to me eventually haha. Opening the door to a stranger is just as scary as running up stairs once you have turned all the downstairs light out.

Omg hahaha that’s hilarious. My (now ex) boyfriend made me watch Taken with him when I found out that I was moving to Paris to make sure that I would be careful ahahaha. xx

That was all I could think of hahahahahaha…… Seriously though, answer the door. Someone might just be sending you a care package lol