Portobello Road Sundays


I love the colours of the building. I am heading to London at the end of this year, and now I am tempted to try that cleansing wipe (I am always in the market for good wipes!)


London looks wonderful! It must be super cool to be able to pop over to another country!

Do it! plain green package, really cheap. Smells delicious!

It's the biggest lure of living in Europe 😉

I think you missed one, #7: English. Haha not gonna lie it's such a relief to land in London after a few weeks of travelling Europe and finally be able to understand what's going on!

I literally felt like hugging myself for deciding to go and take a break from Paris for a few days. It was needed.

I just want to say that you take some really awesome photos. I still have not been to London yet, but my wife has a couple of times before we started dating.

Thanks so much Ralph… it's easy too in a gorgeous city. You should definitely go, it's big and overwhelming and I didn't like it much at first but you fall in love with it eventually!