Post Sun Sleeps

I’m just really happy that despite my winter skin, you can actually see me against the pale sand in these photos. Life is about celebrating the small wins. Over the weekend we took our stage 5 clinger to our to the beach and thought we’d give him a go at soaking up the water and sand and sun because the winter weather has been so incredibly glorious of late.

If you ever watch my Instagram stories over a weekend, you will know I am a regular under this umbrella on some sand at some beach at some point over a Saturday or Sunday (take THAT alliteration). The idea of taking the little human with us just made sense, especially during this blissful immobile stage where he can’t run off or roll into the sand just yet. I know what you’re thinking…. that my pale complexion means I have no interest in laying on a beach. Well don’t let the milky skin fool you because I adore it. I don’t lay out lathered in coconut oil or anything but I enjoy my fair share of sensible shade coverage and 50+ like the next person.

For Jack’s very first beach visit he slept for the entire 2 hours we were on the beach. Here I was, all eager-first-time-mum ready to document his adventures in the sand and the surf and he chose to stay nice and close and have a good old two hour nap. Seriously, it’s his world and we’re all just lucky to be living in it! It honestly didn’t bother me too much, I’ll take a snoozing chubby babe strapped onto my chest any day of the week. It must be the combination of the warm of the sun and the sound of the waves that lull our babe into some of his best sleeps yet. We’re yet to hit the sand without him hitting the snooze button.




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