The Pre-Holiday Hustle

Going out for lunch on Friday at work and not returning home until 1.30am was probably not the best way to start the holiday prep. Back it up with a weekend away for our friends wedding and you can officially call me wrecked. I’m currently sat on the couch looking at everything I have to organise around me, thinking how just packing tomorrow a few hours before we fly out is actually a bloody brilliant idea and exerting any energy beforehand would really just be wasteful.

Remember here when I mentioned we were all booked for our next adventure? Well today we depart and I couldn’t be more ready to spend just over a month on the road. Funnily enough, as Tim and I started to pack he mentioned he had a Facebook memory pop up this morning about a post from 5 years ago. It was a shot of our room in Amalfi, Italy where we inevitably got engaged. 5 big years ago!! Clearly there is something special about September 25 that we keep subconsciously coming back to when making plans. I don’t know what I’m most excited about to be honest. I am dying to show Tim around the Paris that I got to know whilst there by myself. To revisit the Amalfi coast and have all those feelings of being newly engaged come rushing back. Then there’s London… our once a time home that is always so special to us. Throw in a quick stop in Venice, Rome, Berlin and Dubrovnik and we’re done.

If I was being brutally honest I’d have to admit that I can’t wait to stroll the streets of Dubrovnik and try to locate the stairs where Cersei Lannister had her Shame walk. Seriously. Life goals are going to be achieved you guys.



** To Phil & Em, there is only one thing that could beat the excitement of a big trip and that was having the pleasure of witnessing you two incredible humans marry each other over the weekend. It is an absolute privilege to call you both friends. Thanks for the continued hang over and good memories x**





  1. September 26, 2017 / 9:19 pm

    Have the best time on the trip! Excited to hear about it.

    • admin
      September 28, 2017 / 5:01 am

      Thanks Jane!!! We had a 9 hour delay getting here in the middle, but made it in the end. So nice to be back on this side of the world xx

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