Sacré Cœur; A day on the hill


Gorgeous photos! This reminded me of my very short visit to Paris a few years back. At the bottom of the hill my husband somehow ended up with a bracelet on that he then had to pay 5 euro for ;). I think we both knew what was happening, but he must have wanted to be part of a tourist scam ha ha. The view from up there was fabulous, I wish I could go back. Hi from New Zealand 🙂

Ahhh it's the worst when you know you're being scammed but the tourist in you just lets it happen anyway. I'm a sucker for the gypsy question "Do you speak English?" and I immediately go into helpful tourist mode. They can pick us from a mile away. Love all the way back to NZ !

Great photos! your so lucky to get such good weather! Really lets you capture the essence of the city. =)



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