Scenes of Summer

The Sunday Mode

I can relate, I’ve never enjoyed summer as much as the cooler months but I’ve travelled a few times to other countries in their summer and that I’ve loved! Something about Melbourne’s summer just doesn’t seem to appeal to me…

I’m loving that my favourite shows are returning as well, Survivor returned last week and I am beyond excited for this new season!

Julia // The Sunday Mode

Have to admit Melbourne Summers are all over the place… one minute you’re wearing a light jacket and then it’s 40 degrees. At least up here it’s just consistently hot and sticky (at least we know what we’re in for!) haha

Ooh that coconut fruit salad bowl is genius. I didn’t get to the beach enough this summer!

Cute isn’t it! I really made the effort to keep going on weekends, even when I couldn’t be bothered and I’m glad I did. Salt water is like holy water… fixes most things. For me anyway x

These pictures are absolutely incredible and I’m even more excited for summer now after reading this post! I just wanted to add, your blog is beautiful and I love love love your style ♥︎

Pat |

Hopefully for you the English weather is being kind and summer (of some sort) is on it’s way to you hahaha. Thank you so much, so nice to have you around here x

Taylor Morrison

These coconut berry bowls are so cute and look delicious! I love those last few weeks of summer though, it seems like the sun doesn’t want to go away just yet and the days drag out.

Taylor |

Completely agree… it hangs on as long as it can! In saying that, the weather has just jumped into autumn now and it’s kind of delightful!! Hope you have a wonderful week x