Sea Circus, Seminyak


Bali is still on my list of places to visit. Loving the colours in your photos; everything seems so vibrant!

nat // dignifiable

So worth a visit, and if you do go, make sure you move around just a little bit. There is so much to see… I still have a long list of things to tick off even after 2 trips.

Bali is definitely on my bucket list! And I have to agree with your tip. That’s what I always do too during my trips. I get up as early as I could to take snaps without photobombers. Haha. I love love love your photos! <3


So glad to hear because you won’t be disappointed, like anything though it really is what you make of it. There is so many different places to explore all with their own vibe. Will be posting quite a few different other places shortly if you want a little peak 🙂 Thanks so much Janine x

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