The Last of Summer

We have this new little late afternoon/early night routine that is really bringing so much joy to my soul right now that I can’t possibly not share. And it simply involves a baby, a baseball cap and a $1 coin to pay for the small human to take a dunk at our local gym pool. 

At the end of the day I lose all inspiration for games and active play and the usual high pitched mum voice activities. My energy is low, I have eaten about 2 Tim Tams and drunk 2 Pepsi cans all day and I am too far into fantasising about going to bed at 7.01pm once the baby is down. Sometimes during Jacks last nap I get this wave of anxiety about the fact that in 40 minutes I am going to have to pull together a solid hour of fun play before we start the dinner/bath/final play routine, which isn’t so bad. It’s just that devil hour in between that intimidates the shit out of me. 

So while the weather has been warm and the sun is sticking around for a little while longer in the evening, we’ve taken to a quick feed upon waking from the late afternoon nap and driving 5 minutes to the pool for a good 45 minute swim. It is heaven! By the end of the day the water is just right after basking in the sun all day and you can jump right in without needing to do that awkward bit-by-bit slow entry where you hold your arms up higher than normal because you’re not ready for them to hit the cold water just yet. 

Luckily I have a child who loves the water. I think he sincerely believes that he is actually swimming himself up and down the lanes. That fiercely independent little boy has no fears, especially in the water! So we throw him around and dunk him under and get those baby arms flapping as fast and furious as he can muster so we know we won’t have any bedtime objections in a few hours time. By the time we’ve completed approximately our fifth lap up the pool it’s time to go, so we don’t even bother too much with getting dry and jump back in the car to head home to start winding down the day. I already know I’m going to miss these days when the weather gets cooler and the days get darker and we’re going to be forced back inside. 

And just to close this one off, shout out to my iPhone for always being with me and capturing the everyday moments that I know are going to become sweet sweet memories as soon as they are over. It may not be all shiny and polished but I kind of like it. Because this is exactly how it was. 





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