The Next Big Trip, Europe Edition


If you love those places then why wouldn’t you revisit! Paris is so cheap to fly in and out of, is it due to lower airport taxes? And HAHA re: Eiffel Tower trinket.

How do you use Pinterest to search for things? I find I am overwhelmed with the same handful of posts and end up getting so frustrated!

nat // dignifiable


I have no idea why it’s so cheap, but whatever it is I’ll take it!!!! Plus what a nice place to begin and end a trip 🙂

Ohh I know what you mean, I also struggle with those spammy type “Top Places To Visit in..” type posts. Generally I just search for hotels or a particular shop or restaurant that isn’t an obvious choice (something more specific) and work around it that way. Generally it’s how I find the hotels I want to stay at (If I’m splashing out on something nice!).

Have a great Tuesday Nat x


Oh no I’m the exact same! I tend to go back to the same places again and again because I love them so much, and yeah some people look at you funny and wonder why you aren’t going somewhere else but it’s like hey, there’s just something about some places you know? Plus I find that even when I return to the same places I always fid new things to do and by the time I leave it feels like a completely new place!

Julia //


So completely true Julia. You notice different things about the place over and over. Those are the places that I love, where I never get sick of them xx


So excited for you!! Your itinerary sounds amazing. I totally continue to blow my money on travel as well. I also feel that way about London, I would go again and again if I could!

Jane / deluminators


I have this constant turmoil in my head about “Do I just move back there for good?” “No that’s silly settle down in Brisbane”…. every. single. month my brain goes through this haha. When will it end !?! Can’t wait to just get on the plane and go…!!