The Potting Shed; The Grounds of Alexandria


I am a failure of a Sydneysider and still haven’t made it to The Grounds yet! It does look nice and empty on a weekday so I reckon I’ll give it a go then instead of battling the weekend crowd.

I have to admit that despite the crazy crowds on the weekend, it’s so much nicer when all the little cake stalls/lemonade stands/pastry carts are open because they sell the most amazing stuff. You’re so lucky you can go whenever you want!

I’ve always wanted to visit Sydney and The Potting Shed looks beautiful. The space looks lovely. Thanks so much for sharing!

Fariha |

Oh you must visit and make a full morning of it here….. it’s really stunning x

Such beautiful photos and The Potting Shed looks beautiful! Would love to visit Australia one day! Thanks for sharing! x

Ann-Marie |

It really is one of my favourite places. Oh you most definitely should… we have plenty to show you x

I love that you injected humor on the overflowing plate with the waitress haha. Anyway, what’s ice -cream sea side flavor tastes like? hehe 😀

I do the same when something doesn’t fit in a change room “Ohh silly me, I picked up the smaller size by accident” haha. OH MY it tastes like heaven! It’s a little weird at first but it tastes exactly how you imagine sea salt (in a slightly sweet version) would taste. It’s the only place I can get this flavour!

What a lovely place, I would love to go there

Such a shame it’s a flight away from me, otherwise I would waste many mornings here x

Ah this place is so lovely and cute! What a wonderful place to spend the day, especially if they have sea salt ice cream – yum!

Enclothed Cognition

Oh, wow! Such a gorgeous place! And Sea Salt flavoured Ice-cream sounds fantastic!

It really is magic… whoever thought of that flavour is genius!

Siffat Haider

I am so glad I found your blog, your photography is beautiful! These pictures are tempting me to visit Australia!

You are too kind Siffat, thank you! You should definitely visit, just once at least 😉

Dressed With Soul

Adorable pictures, it must be wonderful there!
xx Rena

I love going to garden places! Will be putting this on my visit lists. Thanks for sharing

Put it right at the top of the list!!! Have a great day x

This place looks incredible. I don’t think I would ever leave it.

I feel the same when I visit…. you need a few good hours up your sleeve!

Julia Nacheva

Oh I would love to go there. I love plants and it just looks so beautiful. The sea salt flavoured ice cream sounds amazing too. Gemma x

It’s just too gorgeous… I love it more with each visit 🙂

Such beautiful photos. Looks so peaceful and lovely!

Meghan |

Thanks Meghan, it definitely is a lovely little place

I’ve been meaning to go here for months now, it just looks perfect! Your photos capture its beauty so nicely xx Madeline //

Oh you have to go!!! I actually prefer the craziness of the weekends as there is more open, but anytime is good. Just go hungry and eat everything you can, you won’t be disappointed 😉

Little Miss Notting Hill

This looks like my idea of actual heaven!! Beautiful shots 🙂 xx

It certainly is my idea of heaven as well! I don’t care how busy it gets, I’d visit every time I am in Sydney because it’s worth it 🙂