Tower of London


I visited the Tower back in August, it's looking amazing now that there are even more poppies. Such a clever installation.
Jennifer x
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I never quite understand the point of faux windows.I once stayed in a hostel which had a faux window on the roof which displayed an illuminated photo of clouds ….

Wow! That poppy installation is so cool!


Woah that's awesome! I have a photo of ToL from last August with pretty purple flowers in front of it, nothing like this though. Wish it was only a train ride away!

WHHHAAAAT. Your faux windows sound way better than mine.

Oh really had they started putting them out? It's pretty intense seeing them all isn't it!!

It's great they change it up… I think it can be a bit of a "forgotten" bit of London.

incredible!! I have been seeing this pop up on the news etc and I would desperately love to see the installation in the flesh.

Ahhh that looks so incredible!! Really fantastic idea.

wow this looks amazing!

I saw this installation on another blog – it looks amazing, and really moving I think!

Oh this looks incredibly gorgeous and moving. Do you know if this will still be around in December?

It is quite amazing… it finished Mid November, but then they usually put a small ice skating ring in it's place so that might be there instead?

It smacks you right in the face when you see it!

You can buy the poppies as a keepsake as well!

Oh really? It's hard to photograph but really impressive in person.