Ubud Markets, Bali


Oh that is interesting about the swap of stalls! Ah! How unfortunate that you slipped! but it does make for a good story!

nat // dignifiable

Happy to take a fall every now and again to keep things interesting 🙂

What a coincidence, I was in Bali just last week

Ohhh really?? Where did you go?? Hope you had a wonderful time!

Oh wow good one with getting there on time to see the better version of the market! Sorry to hear about the phone though :

So worth getting up early for, it was such a different experience than anything else I have ever seen! First smashed iPhone screen, it was bound to happen at some point I suppose 🙁

Wow, the flurries of color! Looks extraordinary. Hope you and your phone are okay, though! 😡 <3


It was so incredible!!! Such an experience. Oh I’m fine thanks, just a bruised ego, nothing to worry about !!! xx

All these colours and exotic ingredients! I’ve never been to Bali but it is certainly on the top of my list!
Great pictures 🙂

Oh have you not? These are the parts of Bali I love the most…. when you see the locals just doing their thing and no tourists around (besides us haha). Such a beautiful place to visit, I highly recommend x

Wow, all these colors are just amazing! Definitely worth beating the crowds so you could enjoy the place, 🙂
Nikki | http://www.nikkibstyles.com

They were so intense and beautiful!!!! It was hard to pull myself out of bed so early, in the rain, but it all paid off. It was such a fun thing to go and experience x

Taylor Morrison

Going to markets in foreign countries is one of my favorite things to do, even going to farmers markets in other cities are such great ways to see how other people eat and shop and interact- I love it! This market in Bali looks so beautiful and I’m sorry about your phone but atlas it was well worth it!


Isn’t it just a great thing to do everywhere? It’s always a different experience in each place… I completely agree with you!!!! I’m a massive fan of people watching and markets are always a sure bet on seeing interesting things.