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So I broke my website last week and with little to no effort managed to permanently delete the last three months of posts. It’s a little hidden talent that I’m unfortunately discovering more than I would like too these days but meh. What’s life without a little internet-danger here and there. So if you’re here because you’ve been clicking through on one of the million links that I’ve thrown out into the inter-web stratosphere and have come across a broken link, then I send you my sincerest apologies (but kudos to you for sticking around and having a nosey regardless of the bad first impression, I like you already 😉 )

In better news… this past weekend my sister got married in the most gorgeous wedding ever. Seriously she looked like a movie star, just sashaying her way around her guests whilst hosting the best damn wedding ever!! No tiaras or trains for that little lady. She was classic and elegant and the most beautiful bride I’ve ever seen. I wish I could show you some photos but for the first time in a long time my phone stayed tucked in my bag all night (there’s one sneaky pic on my Instagram if you’re interested). That’s truely the best sign of a great night isn’t it… when you don’t feel the need to check your phone even for a second because the life in front of you is pretty much as great as anything is going to get.

I’m sure some people don’t like being a bridesmaid but I personally love it. You get to dote on your special one and soak up all their excited, loved up nervous energy all day long. It’s so special having a new family member enter our little tribe too. I come from a relatively tiny family and even though there are only a handful of us we can fill a room the size of Mars with love and laughter without evening trying. To be a part of something so significant and special is not something I ever take lightly. So… if you’re needing an extra bridesmaid to even out your numbers or anything just hit me up. Destination weddings are totally accepted and even encouraged.


(photos from my new favourite beach, Wategos in Byron Bay)



Whilst writing this little ramble it got me thinking about the impending vote in Australia to legalise same sex marriage. To think that everyone doesn’t have the honour and privilege that we had on the weekend is heart breaking and really, just leaves me quite speechless. Whilst we are all free to hold and express our own opinions on the issue,  I want to express that mine is on the side of love. Regardless of your shape, colour, gender or choice in shoes xx 




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