Notting Hill

  • Eva

    I love that you can just hop on a train and get to London! Notting Hill looks stunning!

  • Notting Hill is so darn beautiful. Thank you for sharing these gorgeous photographs!

  • Notting Hill is sooo beautiful. Maybe one day I'll have the $$ to move there haha.

  • The perks of Europe. I think it's the main thing that makes it so attractive to live here. Easy escape!!

  • It's so cute it makes me sick.

  • We can be roomies?

  • I love the Coronet theatre! They do (or did, when I was at LSE) student ticket mondays, where 5 GBP would get you a ticket and a treat from the concessions – just about perfect for this broke American, and it's beautiful inside to boot. Love Notting Hill, thanks for letting me relive with your photos!

  • Oh so great that you know it too! It is gorgeous inside. As soon as I exited notting hill gate station and saw it on the corner it made me remember! I was never a student but Tuesdays were like 7 quid for adults. Glad it brought back memories for you too!!